R4 Solar Program Guide

Welcome to R4 Solar! R4 Solar is a community solar program available to community residents and business owners that wish to offset a portion or all of their energy needs with clean, renewable solar power.

R4 is offered through Central Municipal Power Community Services (CMPCS) in conjunction with your local public power utility as a hassle-free alternative to residential rooftop solar installations that can be expensive and impractical for customers.

If you “are for” smart energy choices, sign up for “R4” today to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.


  • Enjoy Smart and Hassle-Free Solar Energy Community solar programs like R4 allow you to enjoy solar power without the complexity of rooftop solar installations.
  • Experience Lower Cost Community Solar Compared to Residential Solar Size and siting advantages of community solar equate to lower costs than residential solar. Additionally, the average community solar project offsets 500 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
  • Positive Impact in Your Community Not only will you be a great steward of the environment, you’ll support a local, public power project for our community.


CMPCS’s mission is to help homeowners and business owners make smart energy choices. We work side-by-side with your local utility to develop and offer a range of conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable power programs — like R4 Solar — to customers in our member communities.


Step 1
Fill out the form at CMPCS.org/r4-solar to notify your utility that you’re interested in becoming a community solar subscriber.

Step 2
Work with your utility to determine how many solar panel subscriptions you’d like to subscribe to. Each panel costs $42.50.

Step 3
Officially subscribe to R4 Solar by completing a subscription application (provided by your local utility), signing a contract with your local utility, and paying for the number of panels you want to include in your annual subscription.

Step 4
Start enjoying clean solar power and receive a credit toward your annual subscription on your utility bill based on the energy produced by the R4 solar panels.

Step 5
Renew your R4 Solar subscription every July 1st to continue enjoying clean, renewable power. Subscriptions can begin at any time of year, on a pro-rated basis, but all agreements must be renewed before July 1st.


What is Community Solar?
R4 Solar is a public power, community solar program that allows customers, like you, to purchase subscriptions to a shared solar resource. R4 Solar participants’ subscriptions are met from solar production at a local, customer-owned, municipal utility billboard. If panel subscriptions exceed the capability of the local billboard, solar will be purchased from Central Municipal Power Agency/Services (CMPAS), a joint power agency.

Why R4 Solar?
Community-based solar projects, like R4, offer an easy, hassle-free option to access solar energy. Individual residential rooftop solar installations can be costly and difficult to install, making them impractical for many customers.

How Much Does R4 Solar Cost?
Annual subscriptions start at $42.50 per panel. The subscription covers the cost of a panel’s proportional share of fixed costs associated with installing the R4 community solar billboard. The monthly subscription credit on your utility bill reflects solar production from the R4 Solar project. You can work directly with your local utility to determine the appropriate number of panels for your electric use.

What Happens If I Move?
No problem. If you move to another home within your utility’s service area, then you can keep the solar subscription. If you move outside the service area, it can be assigned to another subscriber.

What Does R4 Stand For?
R4 stands for the four foundational elements of our renewable energy programs.
Renew > Reduce > Respect > Repeat

CMPCS currently serves 48% of its 12 members’ energy needs from carbon-free sources including solar, hydropower, wind, nuclear and biogas.